2023 was a dynamic year for the Lingohub team, marked by exciting challenges and notable accomplishments. As we kick off the New Year in 2024, we're beginning with an article summarizing our team's achievements and outlining our goals. If you missed anything last year, don't fret! You can now catch up on our 2023 improvements and make the most of the Lingohub upgrades for your business. Let's dive in!

New lingohub.com

In 2023, the Lingohub team ambitiously redesigned our website, introducing modern aesthetics and an improved user experience. We aimed to streamline information searches and clearly detail our features and capabilities for easier navigation and understanding. Visit our feature pages for tool specifics, discover role-tailored solutions, read our informative blog, or get answers from our FAQ sections. We're eager for your feedback on these enhancements. If you'd like to share your thoughts, please explore the updates and contact us with your experiences. Note that some content has been repositioned to subdomains or integrated into our application, so explore these areas for additional insights.

new lingohub website

New Help Center

At Lingohub, we're dedicated to offering our users a smooth experience. To achieve this, we've revamped the Lingohub Help Center, which is now hosted on a separate subdomain. This new setup features a clean and intuitive interface with well-organized sections and categories, complemented by a powerful search function for easy access to necessary information. The Help Center comprehensively covers all aspects of the Lingohub application, with detailed sections on Getting Started, Account Management, Organization, Projects, the Editor, and more. For unique queries, our team is available at [email protected]. We continuously update the Help Center with the latest information and insights about new features and changes.

New Developer Documentation

Understanding the technical demands of developers using the Lingohub application, we've developed specialized documentation focused on the API and various resource files. This dedicated section is tailored for developers, providing in-depth technical insights and step-by-step guides for effectively utilizing Lingohub's API and resources. It's a one-stop resource for all developer-centric information designed to streamline and enhance your development experience with Lingohub.

New changelog

We introduced a new changelog section in the Lingohub application, designed to keep you informed about all our latest updates. You'll receive notifications about these updates near the "bells" icon in the bottom-left corner. Additionally, the changelog is accessible anytime, with a filtering option to help you easily find specific information.

help documentation

New Pricing Plans

Recently, we've revamped our Lingohub plans to be more inclusive and versatile for all users. Starting from December 2023, every subscription tier will include complete access to our CAT tools and features suite. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to enhance their chosen plan with a variety of specialized plugins, available in both free and premium options, to suit their individual needs.

new pricing plans

Updated UI for Lingohub application

In 2023, a major endeavor for our team was overhauling the Lingohub app UI. We took customer feedback seriously and collaborated with design experts to elevate the localization experience. While we've detailed all updates in a separate article, here's a quick summary. For an in-depth look, refer to the original article or continue reading for a brief outline.

The updates fall into three main categories: interface improvements, management enhancements, and new features.

Interface Improvements:

  • Our UI and UX enhancements are designed to streamline your localization process.
  • The Editor panel now offers dual views for focused translation and bulk actions.
  • We introduced simultaneous translation capabilities for multiple languages.
  • The dashboard has been revamped to include vital information like notifications, recent orders, and project management details.
Lingohub overview

Management features. We added more flexibility for your Lingohub usage:

  • Create and manage user roles by yourself.
  • Provide custom permissions for users and API keys.
  • Protect the information in your Organization with 2-factor authentication.
  • Manage notifications based on your needs.
  • Monitor activities with Audit and API logs.
  • Manage the projects with folders, marks, and color labels.
  • Create workflows for automatically applying actions to the text segments.
  • Control the financials with the transactions feature and have the automatically calculated fees for your translators.
management features

New features.

  • The Marketplace offers new features like contracts, transactions, and text edit reports.
  • Our new plugin allows you to localize your Figma project with Lingohub easily. You can move your text segments from Figma to Lingohub and back.
  • We added new integrations with applications. Find the entire list on our website.
  • LingoChecks is now called quality checks, but we have retained and improved all the features. Your source and target texts, markup, placeholders, and all other content are controlled by predetermined criteria.
  • Apart from the existing "smart" translation memory, which directly learns from your projects, we now provide a file-based translation memory.
figma plugin

New meetings and experience.

2023 was not only the year of persistent work but also of multicultural team meetings. This year, the Lingohub had the pleasure of bringing together the international part of the team from Poland, Senegal, and Ukraine for weeks full of impressions in Linz, the heart of mountain Austria. The gatherings allowed the team to share knowledge, personally collaborate on projects, and spend time with different activities together, from chilling evenings and productive meetings to active mountain hikes.

lingohub team

We believe that the 2024 year will be even more productive and full of positive emotions. We are proud to have such great customers as you, whose businesses and ideas inspire us daily. Stay awesome!

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