No matter what your product is and in which parts of the world you are selling it, there’s one thought that unites businesses around the globe - ‘Someone has to want it’. Especially for us, a young company providing SaaS, knowing our customers is paramount. This is where Intercom enters the picture. The tool helps us to support our customers the best and that is why we dedicate this blog post to it.

What is Intercom?

Intercom helps you to manage customer interaction. It considers itself to be ‘the new way for internet businesses to communicate with their customers’. It makes the dreams of many marketers come true as it is considered to be a ‘hub’ for communication, like Github is for code and Lingohub is for translation. Your entire business can see and talk to customers at only one point, Intercom, which facilitates customer support. Ranging from in-app messaging over real-time messaging to emails and newsletters, the tool offers many ways to interact and support customers in a personal way and covers each step of the customer lifecycle. Further information about the behavior of customers while using your application is collected and can be used to segment your audience in order to best support them.

How do we use Intercom at Lingohub?

At Lingohub we believe that the key to success is to best understand and support our customers. Sure each and every customer needs information bits created individually for him or her according to his or her usage of our application and stage in the customer lifecycle. Intercom shows us information about who our customers are, where they come from, what brings them to Lingohub and more. It further offers us the option to divide our customer base into segments so we can create personal and individual messages that suit them perfectly. Sure we all don't want to spam our customers! :)

On the one hand we use in-app messaging to talk to the users of our application. We use this type of messages to announce new features and provide support to our active users. If any problems occur users can easily get in touch with our developers through real-time messages. Within a few minutes they will receive help to fix their problems.

On the other hand we use Intercom for sending emails to gather prospects and communicate the advantages and features of Lingohub. However, emails are not only used to interact with potential customers. Right now we start to use Intercom for creating and sending newsletters to our regular customers. 

At Lingohub Intercom is further used as a support system. This helps to ensure that all messages are answered as soon as possible. As all our developers have access to the tool we guarantee that every customer gets the answer that best solves his or her problem.

Last but definitely not least communication with our customers pursuits one main goal - receiving feedback, whether it is positive or aims to improve our product. Our customers are using Lingohub frequently and give insights in their everyday usage. Problems they are facing can be discovered and eliminated immediately.

Some final thoughts

Sure there are other services as well that can help you to manage customer support. There is one things that needs to be said any time it comes to the usage of tools: Each and every business needs to find the solution that fits best for it. Intercom matches our needs. We can recommend it especially to other providers of SaaS as we all meet the challenge that we mostly do not encounter our customers face to face. We love our customers and that is why we use Intercom.

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