Updated: September 2023

In time for the summer, your localization management work is getting a whole lot easier - we promise. Lingohub received a huge upgrade both in the back-end as well as the UI. A number of requested features have been implemented thanks to all the great feedback we have received after the last big release of our dashboard. We fine tuned a lot of functionality that is essential for localization management and worked a lot on performance.

Here is a breakdown of what is new for you:

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The new localization management dashboard

With our last update, we introduced a helpful new version of our dashboard. This update fine-tunes a lot of its functionality and greatly improves performance and accuracy, so you have all the information you need when you need it.

Now, the dashboard shows the most essential information about projects, orders, and notifications. Also, now, the dashboard is where you can keep all the needed information, not only from the system - add your own notes to have all the data in one place.

project progress

Projects progress

Track and control the progress throughout the projects more efficiently. Control each workflow step (draft, prefilled, translated, etc.) Have a transparent overview of the number of segments and words related to each step, as well as issues marked by quality checks.

You can get an accurate word and segment count now per project and per language.

text edits report

Edits report

Localization is a teamwork, so here you can see what changed, when, who changed it, and where the changes happened - even how much has changed. All the changes throughout all the projects are collected in the text edits report. Control all the changes in your organization and build a transparent localization process.

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To build a transparent and cost-effective localization process, you need to cut down on unnecessary processes and be able to concentrate on what matters to your team. With each update of Lingohub, we strive to get closer to making localization management the most hassle-free part of your product cycle imaginable.

Localization management evolves around integration, ease of use, automation, and quality assurance. We are sure this update improves your work in all these dimensions. We are looking forward to your feedback.

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