You no longer have to dream of constantly knowing where your pet is and keeping track of every movement it does. Tractive locates dogs, cats and all the other champions of running away from their pet owner - anytime, anywhere. After an incredible success story since its foundation Tractive is already shipping products to destinations around the globe. Localization consequently plays a major role within the company. We’re happy to have Tractive on board, telling us in this localization business case how they manage localization and what they love about using Lingohub.

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"Launching our apps on Lingohub, liberates our team enormously, we can do it faster and in more languages. We are relieved of all the emails and the tedious back and forth workflows.”

When was Tractive founded and which goals and achievements have you accomplished so far?

Tractive was founded in 2012 and developed the smallest and lightest GPS Device on the market within the first year. With steady updates and improvements, Tractive was able to provide service to customers in over 80 countries since the initial release with more to come in the future.

Thanks to Tractive pet owners no longer need to worry about their pets running away. Please tell us more about your two products - the Tractive Pet Tracker and Tractive MOTION.

Tractive developed the GPS Pet Tracker to provide the customer peace of mind because they never need to worry again that their dog or cat runs away. It is a small piece of hardware, which - attached to the collar of a pet - tracks the pet’s whereabouts. With the Tractive GPS the pet owner will be immediately notified once the pet leaves a certain area and with the LiveTracking feature it is easy to find them again in case they ran away.

The Tractive Motion on the other hand is used to analyze your pets fitness. It is also attached to your pet’s collar and records your pet’s movement throughout the day. In the free Motion app you can than see when your pet moved and how much it moved compared to others of the same breed.

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From a technical point of view: How are you tracking pets all around the globe? How is your mobile app integrated into the tracking process and how is it set up?

The device uses GPS to track the position and GSM to transmit the position. The setup is simple and once you registered your tracker you can either use one of the free Tractive mobile apps or the website to check up on your pet’s location. The app even notifies you, if your pet moves out of a certain area, which could be your backyard.

Should your pet run away you can set the Tractive GPS device into a LiveTracking mode where you get location updates in your app in real-time. This unique feature should make it simple to find your lost pet in no time. The Tractive GPS device works worldwide, so no matter where you are you can keep tabs on your beloved pet.

As Lingohub too, Tractive was recently awarded with the ‘Born Global Champion Award’ for being a prime example in terms of exporting. First of all congratulations to your success! Please tell us how many countries you’re shipping your products to and where your main customer base is located.

Thank you, we are very happy to have received that award since it is our goal to help pet owners worldwide to keep their pet safe.

Tractive is currently keeping pets safe in over 80 countries with a focus on Europe. Obviously this diversity of users is a big challenge especially if you want to provide high quality software that is translated in their native language.


As you’re handling localization with Lingohub we would love to know how you manage localizing your products by using our application.

Since Tractive offers free iOS and Android apps to lots of customers all over the world, it poses a big challenge to keep the translations up to date. As soon as a new app version is coming up, the strings on Lingohub are updated and the translators get informed. Once they have translated the missing strings they notify the Tractive mobile team via e-mail and they use the handy REST API to automatically update the translations in each project.

What kind of improvements have you made so far due to the usage of our application? What do you like best about Lingohub?

The biggest improvement is “save time”, especially for the developers. It can be very cumbersome to keep an overview over all the missing translations of your mobile platform. With Lingohub you are no longer required to manage any platform specific string files. This means, anybody in the company is able to manage all the mobile translations and provide updated strings. There is nearly no interruption of the developer.

If you want to know why “Lingohub is a joy to use” and “the right choice” give our localization business cases with MeisterLabs, Runtastic and Nimbusec a try! :-) If you’re now excited about using Lingohub we invite you to our 14-days free trial so you can “liberate your team” as Tractive!

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