Linz, 20.02.2020 - The Upper Austrian company Lingohub is starting an FFG-funded research project with the FH Hagenberg to the tune of 600,000 euros. Over the next two years, the money will be used to develop a virtual assistant for the quality analysis of translations. With the help of artificial intelligence, errors are automatically detected and thus belong to the past.

Lingohub was founded in 2012 by Helmut Juskewycz (CEO) and Markus Merzinger and offers its approximately 1,500 customers a localization & translation management platform for applications and websites. The hidden champion from Linz is used by development and product teams from all over the world to manage software translations more productively. These software developers are provided with a simple solution to automatically incorporate translations into their development process. Translators, on the other hand, can directly translate and manage the texts via a web interface.

In the past, developers would send YAML or Excel files to translators asking them to provide translations for new product features or new languages we supported. But then they always got back Microsoft Word files. With that approach, they had to manually copy/paste every single text back to the YAML file. This is not only a major source of error but also very inefficient" reports Helmut Juskewycz, Founder and CEO at Lingohub. He also adds: “Thanks to Lingohub all people involved can work together via a central platform and can easily order translations in 30+ languages.

Linguist - the virtual assistant for all translations

With the research project "Linguist - Translation Quality Analysis", funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the company is now taking the next step in the translation industry.

Linguist is a virtual assistant for product and translation teams. It can assess the quality of translations, point out translation errors and actively make recommendations for translations.

"By 2019, more than 3.8 billion people, already more than half of all people, were online. Non-English-speaking markets, in particular, are becoming increasingly important, which is why software companies have to translate into more and more languages. Due to short release cycles and growing translation requirements, translation errors occur time and again. With Linguist, we want to ensure the quality of translated texts, as these make a decisive contribution to the user behavior and user satisfaction of our customers".

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