INSITE IT is a true Lingohub Global Champion. Their Insite LMS platform is changing the standards of construction site management through digitalization.

INSITE IT's co-founder and CEO, Thomas Roithmeier, shared his vision of the future of construction site management.

Insite LMS platform is used for material tracking and construction site management. How did you come up with an idea to create such a platform?

One of my first employments was at a construction site in Saudi Arabia. As I faced tons of paperwork and lots of time wasted on the search for the right document, I started to digitalize the process onsite.

And transforming this first construction site to a paperless site was the foundation of my career. Through many years on various construction sites, I know the daily challenges very well. Not only professionally but also personally, one often reaches its limits.

Ever since my first job as an assistant/site supervisor, my passion has always been to simplify processes in industrial plant construction.

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Team of 3 Founders - Andreas Simader, Thomas Roithmeier, Florian Altmann

What was the biggest challenge in developing the platform? How did you overcome it and what technologies do you use?

There´s no “biggest challenge” but lots of small challenges when fulfilling customers expectations.

Through various platforms and use cases we use different technology like Xamarin, WPF, C# .NET, Entity Framework, WCF, HTML, Angular2, TypeScript.

In your opinion, what is the most revolutionary feature of Insite LMS platform. Why?

Our USP definitively is the offline capability of the Insite LMS apps.

We made a big step forward by creating the Insite LMS apps for Android and iOS-devices and a tablet app for Windows. Our users now have the flexibility to work totally offline on construction sites situated in remote areas.

Insite LMS is a clear-cut product, answering to distinctive needs of the construction industry. What part of your development process is crucial in capturing the needs of your customers?

It is essential to break everything down to the material. Material management is the crucial part in our process which is the basis for all further applications.

Insite LMS is available as an app as well. What was the motivation behind mobile optimization? In what way can the app change the overall process?

The motivation behind offering apps for Android and iOS was, to be more flexible on the construction site.

The apps are an easy and handy way to track material onsite, add deviations, pictures or notes, and update installation processes.


Digitalization of the construction process might seem like a daunting task to some. What are the expected payoffs that motivate people to take on the challenge? Where do you envision the construction industry in 10 years from now?<

The highest motivation for people to use digital processes is, when they have personal benefits from it.

The top priority should be to offer each individual user an advantage: less writing effort, less search times, faster reporting and many others.

This is probably the most important step and the basis for further measures such as management dashboards, KPI reports and big data evaluations.

In 10 years hopefully all companies building industrial constructions sites are aware of how efficient they can work with digitalized processes.

With a well set up process and corresponding software and apps, working on site is more pleasant and easier for all participants.

As soon as these "Benefit-First" requirements are met and the user likes to use a product, there is nothing in the way of a digital, but above all efficient construction site.

In 10 years, hopefully, all companies building industrial constructions sites are aware of how efficiently they can work with digitalized processes. Ideally by then, predictability has risen, efficiency has improved and the construction time shortened a lot.

With Spanish as the newest addition, Insite LMS app is localized in 7 languages. Was the translation of your platform always in the picture? Why?

To offer Insite LMS services in various languages always was our goal.

As our customers constructions sites are spread worldwide, we want to support them with the respective language.

Insite LMS is available in seven languages at the moment

INSITE IT focuses on streamlining complex processes and raising efficiency with their products. How have you integrated Lingohub in your development process? What has been the most valuable feature of Lingohub for you?

Integration: Before every major version of Insite LMS all English strings are translated to German. Additionally, we have international translators who do the same for other languages.

The most valuable feature for us is to be able to invite translators from all over the world.

Images courtesy of INSITE IT

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