Information is power, regardless the industry and the market your company is active in. Therefore, it is essential for the information to be made accessible for all targeted audiences. And translating the information is vital in order to deliver the right message to your international audience, and raise awareness on your products across countries and continents. As a result, there is a high demand for translation and, therefore, for good translators.

Basically, translating should be an investment in expanding a company’s business. However, when executing a translation project, there is a series of risks involved, such as:

  • Almost every language has its own untranslatable words;
  • One word might have two or more meanings in a certain language;
  • A word may have an innocuous meaning in one culture, but might take on a derogatory meaning in another;
  • Companies might be tempted to go for machine translations (MT) in order to save money, but MT are less reliable sources;
  • Avoiding word and phrase consistency issues.

With translation being an art, another challenge is linked to finding skilled translators who are able to keep in mind each language’s nuances, and who stick to the original meaning of the document.

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So, here are 5 reasons why we recommend companies to outsource translation to professional services:

  1. Professional language translators are aware of dialect trends and official translations that even native speakers might not be familiar with;
  2. Translators are aware of differences and the right meaning of each word;
  3. It is common for companies to translate projects in-house, thinking they can save money, only to realize later they paid a higher cost. The employees are paid the same for their normal job and they take more hours to complete the task. Translation services are faster and indeed help you save money. “While demand for language services has continued to grow (at a rate of over 13% per year), for the most part the price of translation and localization services has dropped.”says this survey.
  4. Translation services proofread and review the content. Quality is never an issue. They also allow you to meet tight deadlines.
  5. Computer-assisted translation tools help translators maintain consistency by including and translating the same way certain key terms every time.

Translation has more than linguistic value attached to it. Whenever choosing a translation service, make sure the agency understands your business, ethics and needs. Among language services companies, quality is no longer an issue, yet Lingohub differentiate itself by providing translation services beyond expectations: on-time delivery, courtesy, availability and making our clients look good.

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