Note: LingoChecks is now called quality checks. More about the feature and its abilities read in our help center.

A new type of check has been added to LingoChecks recently. It compares the number of line breaks within a translation in the source and target languages. It can come in handy when it is crucial to keep the same number of lines throughout all localized versions.

linebreaks lingochecks translation settings

Project owners can enable this check either project-wide on the project settings page, or per translation, on translation pages. A LingoCheck for line breaks can also be set in the comments within the resource file prior to upload, and the syntax that should be used is as follows:

When the check is enabled, translators will be able to see the notification if the requirement is met for each translation next to the notifications for other LingoChecks.

linebreaks translators show

Searching for all translations that meet or do not meet this requirement is possible by clicking on "LingoChecks" in the left side bar, and selecting the line break check with the appropriate status for desired language.

linebreaks search
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