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As nominees in the category ‘Innovation’ we arrived in Austria’s capital city and as winners with the beautiful Anton Award in our luggage we came back to Linz.

“We are extremely happy to be announced as the winners of the Anton Award, especially regarding the strong competitors in this category. We aim to help Austrian and international companies to successfully enter new markets with translated products. With Lingohub web shops as well as websites, web and mobile apps can be easily translated. Using Lingohub you won’t get lost in translations and the tough times of finding professional translators are gone. It’s great that this ambition is honored with the Anton Award today. The Austrian e-commerce branch has hidden its light under a bushel way too long. Thanks to the A-Commerce Team the industry is set in the spotlight! That is what we want to do with the Anton Award as well. He will get a prominent place in our new office for sure!”

E-Commerce in Austria - stats and facts

Online shopping has become routine in Austria and mom-and-pop stores have been replaced by online shops in the past. According to Statistik Austria more than 80% of all young adults (16-34 years) in Austria have shopped online in the past 12 months. The Austrian Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry stated an annual turnover of 2.9 billion Euro by 2013 in the e-commerce sector and a significant increase of 30% between 2010 and 2013. This represents 4.5% of the total retail volume. Moreover, 7,500 trading firms sell their products online. Hence, the importance of e-commerce in Austria cannot be denied.


The Anton Award

The A-Commerce Team is dedicated to the Austrian e-commerce branch. This year companies have been honored for their excellent work and innovations in the field of e-commerce for the second time. In cooperation with MasterCard the A-Commerce Team invited companies to participate in the A-Commerce Day and listen to top-class talks.

In the evening the Anton Award in the categories ‘Pure Player B2C’, ‘Brand Online Shop B2C’, ‘Multi Channel Enterprise B2C’, ‘Online Shop B2B’, ‘International Online Shop’ and ‘Innovation’ has been given to the happy winners selected by a professional jury. We are extremely happy that Lingohub is among the winners! :)

“Congratulations to the winners of the Anton Award 2015! Among more than 100 submissions the best companies have been selected by our autonomous jury and awarded at the A-Commerce Day in Vienna.”
“Our winners definitely deserve the Anton Award due to their hard work on online shops, multi channel strategies and the excellent services they offer their customers.”
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