One of our goals here at Lingohub is to get translation service management to a whole new level. Well, the next level is here today, and we’re happy to present you Cloud Translation, a simple technology-friendly solution, that can translate texts into over 30 languages automatically with a push of a button, without depending on machine translation.

The Cloud Translation system was developed over the course of 13 months in close cooperation with translation agencies and freelancers. Our architecture allows swift and automatic translation of projects of any size, from Mobile apps to large Web applications.

The quality of human translation can’t be beat

There is a growing trend to internationalize software, requiring companies to offer their Mobile and Web apps in the languages of all their customers in order to sell globally. All text in these apps needs to be translated and constantly improved, and we strongly believe that the quality of human translation can’t be beat.

So, in order to ensure fast delivery and excellent translation quality, Lingohub accesses thousands of professional translators in the background, while being able to automate all steps in the translation process with Cloud Translation technology.

You name it, we’ll translate it

All translations are done by professional and tested translators, and the turnaround is just 1 to 4 days depending on how much text will be translated. Among the over 30 supported languages, we count German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Swedish, English, Greek etc. Moreover, we also offer proofreading for these languages.

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Our platform went live in 2012. Since then the service is gaining international traction. Austrian companies like Tractive, Plan Radar, Rocket.Chat have been using Lingohub successfully for years and already signed up for the new Cloud Translation service. At the same time, we plan to extend our service into other areas soon, including support for WordPress, Drupal, Typo3 and Google Docs, to offer all-in-one translation solutions for companies of any size.

Finally, what you have to keep in mind is that you now have a simple technology-friendly solution that works at anytime, from anyplace, and can translate your mobile apps and websites without overhead. Just think about the possibilities and sign up!

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