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Nine years ago, in August 2012, Helmut and Markus went on a journey to create the LingoHub you know and love. In this blog post, you can read a short recap of some key changes and milestones leading up to LingoHub's anniversary. In addition, I will talk about what's in store for you and where LingoHub's is heading next.

LingoHub's journey through the years

While working at a large company based in Linz, Helmut and Markus met each other. Both worked as software developers and learned about the difficulties of localizing software without the assistance of proper tools. As early as of 2008, the idea for LingoHub was born. Both manually copied translated content from Microsoft Word files back into YAML files. A tedious endeavor. This sparked the idea to find and create an easier method to handle software localization.

Right from the start, Helmut and Markus focused on creating an application that is aiding developers. LingoHub was the first localization service to integrate with GitHub. With it, importing resource files to translate was and is easily possible.

Within the next years, development for LingoHub continued. In 2014/2015 LingoHub 2.0 was released. With the update, front end and back end were split. This allowed using a front end framework and the integration of an interactive editor.

In 2018, another update was released. LingoHub 3.0 was born. The developers at LingoHub focused on more integrations, file formats, and services.

In the time between 2012 and 2021, not only our user base but also our team grew larger.

Where the path will lead to next

Next (/nekst/) - noun - one that is next

At LingoHub, we are always improving our product. For a while, we have been incessantly working on something big. After several years of development, LingoHub is ready for the next big release. The LingoHub 4.0 beta will be made publicly available soon, and for us, it is the biggest step yet.

Our developers made changes to both the front end and back end and made improvements in countless features. Today you will get a first sneak peek of where we are heading, and which features will be integrated with LingoHub 4.0.

LingoHub's new editor

First, let's check how LingoHub's editor will be changed. One main feature many of you have asked for is the ability to add context images to text segments. With LingoHub 4.0, you can now easily upload images. Of course, several additional improvements have been made. With these changes, localizing your software will be easier than ever. Below is an image slider where you can compare the current editor LingoHub to the brand-new editor that will be released soon.

LingoHub 🖤 Figma

Soon, LingoHub will feature a new integration, with Figma. Figma is a great tool for prototyping. This is why we are proud to announce our own Figma plugin. Import your texts directly from Figma to LingoHub and start translating. Once you are done, simply send your translated texts over to Figma. Checking out your localized prototype is as easy as it gets!

Improved authoring tools

In addition to our new UI and UX, we have also created new ways to assist editors and writers. We developed a new and improved term base feature, with many new possibilities:

  • TBX support, the TermBase eXchange file format. You can easily import, export, or exchange your termbases.
  • Create (non-)preferred and forbidden entries.
  • Add context and images to your term.
  • and much more...

Focus on additional features and under-the-hood improvements

More features will be added with LingoHub 4.0, like:

  • Prefill with additional settings
  • Backup creation
  • Storyblok integration
  • TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) support
  • Enhanced reports with export options
  • And much more...

In addition to all the previously mentioned features, we made several improvements that are not visible. Rest assured, though, that you will definitely feel the changes. The LingoHub application feels snappier and handles requests faster than ever. Be sure to also check out our changelog from time to time, where we inform you about all changes made.

Wrapping it up:As Fatboy Slim states, we've come a long long way together. And for that we praise you (like we should), especially for your trust in us, your loyalty, and all your feedback. Without you, LingoHub would not be where it is today. LingoHub 4.0 is a toast to all LingoHubbers, old and new.

Are you not using LingoHub yet? Try it out; it's entirely free for 14 days, and all features are available to you during your trial. Feel also free to book a demo, or reach out to us anytime, simply contact our support.

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