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If you have been a LingoHubber for a while, chances are you have received a survey request at least once. In this blog post, I will explain why these surveys are showing up for you, and why they are so important.

Why do these requests show up?

We at LingoHub really value your feedback. This is why we are keen to constantly evaluate how we are doing from our customers' perspective. For this, we ask for feedback from all LingoHubbers, and therefore we send out these survey requests from time to time. Depending on whether you give an answer or not, these requests show up more often or not in your sessions.

In this survey, you are able to rate LingoHub with a score from 1 to 10. In addition, you may also enter a message for us. With the rating, we receive numerical information about how well we are currently doing.

The icing on the cake, however, are the comments you send to us. With them, we receive more context on why you rated us the way you did. They provide us with information on what is really working well for you, and what could be improved upon.

How are these ratings used?

Our customer success, lead developer, and CEO, all regularly check the status of our NPS and your feedback. If you are not familiar with NPS, it is an industry standard used to calculate how well a company is received by their customers. NPS is short for Net Promoter Score. Your ratings directly influence our score and, as mentioned earlier, the comments you leave with us are providing us with additional information. Rest assured, we have never and will never make these results public. They are strictly used for internal evaluations.

How can you directly improve LingoHub?

Receiving a score is great, and we encourage you to always perform the survey if it pops up. However, if you really want to make an impact on the LingoHub application, we ask you to please always leave a comment with the survey as well. We at LingoHub know there is always room for improvement. Therefore, we are very grateful about all the feedback we receive from our customers.

Please feel also free to send any feedback you have to us via email at any point in time. Only with your help, we can improve LingoHub even further.

A big thanks for all the feedback received so far

We have been receiving valuable feedback from many of our customers already. With it, we were able to improve several features of our application, and also add many more features that LingoHubbers have been missing. For that, we want to thank every LingoHubber. Your feedback and insights have been invaluable. 🙌

Are you not using LingoHub yet? Try it out; it's entirely free for 14 days and all features are available to you during your trial. Feel also free to book a demo, or reach out to us anytime, simply contact our support.

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