Updated LingoChecks handling HTML

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LingoChecks were in LingoHub right from the start. They are an easy way to do sanity checks and ensure the quality of translated text segments.

Based on the gathered feedback from you, LingoChecks were updated to handle HTML in text segments and give you more options on how failing LingoChecks should be treated.

Checking HTML tags

It is now possible to check for missing and unnecessary HTML tags. A missing HTML tag happens when the source text contains an HTML tag, for example a < a href = ''" >link < /a >, but the target text doesn't.

Please note that LingoHub's intelligent system even checks for the attributes of the tags. Unnecessary HTML tags are the opposite. That is when the target text contains HTML tags which aren't in the source text. Again the system also checks for attributes.

Pro tip: Just click on the HTML tags from the source language, so LingoHub copies the whole HTML tag including attributes from the source to the target.

However, sometimes it is necessary that certain attributes can be changed in target segments. A third option allows specifying attributes which can be changed by translators. This gives administrators/developers full control over how HTML should be handled in translations.


Failing LingoChecks

Before this update, it wasn't possible to silence failing LingoChecks.

Of course, it is not a good practice to ignore a failing check, but sometimes there must be an exception. In this case, you had to live with the failing LingoCheck forever! Not anymore, the new update brings an important change.

Text segments with failing LingoChecks that are saved as "Approved" don't show up as failing anymore! To again give you full control of the workflow, administrators can specify if a translator can save a text segment as approved when a LingoCheck fails.

Please note, an administrator can always save a text segment as approved.


These new settings are available under Project Settings > LingoChecks.

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