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After our huge update of the editor one important feature was missing: comments aka conversations. Communication between team member is extremely important and based on your feedback the old comment mechanism was too rudimentary. This is why we completely rethought and redesigned the comment system. Before, comments were bound to a text segment; now, comments stand on their own and can be connected to text segment(s). The new design allows you to connect comments not only to multiple text segments, but also to projects and users. Btw. we renamed comments to conversations to reflect the broader approach. 

The new conversation center is accessible in different ways:

  1. Opening conversation center through the top navigation

    conversation center navigation top

  2. Opening conversation center via editor

    conversation center editor

  3. Opening conversation through the user overview

    conversation center users

    We believe this is definitely the right direction, especially considering that comments will be integrated into our new notification center and into other services like Slack. As always feedback is greatly appreciated.


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