How to onboard new users by using few and simple steps

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We looked at our onboarding process and found out it was clearly not existing. After signing up, we gave no guidance to get to know the new tool. Some users needs to feel welcome and they will need some clarification, because they are using the tool for the first time. When you think your product is self-explanatory, maybe it is only for you!

I recommend reading the book "Don't make me think!" from Steve Krug. He tells you among other things to use common patterns and make short and clear statements - so the user knows what to do at first sight.

1. User Goal

The first and most important step is to define the main user goal - what does the user want to achieve and how can we make him happy while doing it!

2. Steps to achieve User Goal

If you know the user goal, it is necessary to define clear steps along the way. For example, in our case the user needs to:

  1. Sign up - as easy as possible by just asking for email & password
  2. Create a Project
  3. Select source language (is used for translating into any other language) and target languages
  4. Upload Resource Files (Files with translations)
  5. Translate! (or let translate)
  6. Download newly generated Resource Files => User Goal

These are the basic steps to ...

3. Pick out difficult or non-self-explaining steps

We found out that our User Goal is really not easily achievable because the Translating Step can take a long time and is even mostly not done by the new registered user itself, but by a translator. We still want to show how LingoHub works after signing up - in fact we want to show the whole workflow to the new user.

Our Solutions:

  • New Project Wizard - just 2 Steps including File upload
  • Editor Tour - Shows the user in 5 Steps how to translate text segments
  • Last Step of Editor Tour refers to "Resource Files" (the User Goal) and we point to our "Talk to us" menu item, so we let users talk to us - at any time
  • Measure user behaviour and save which steps were completed
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