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We just introduced new subscription plans! Now there are complete packages that better suit customer project sizes and requirements. Less limitations, more possibilities!

A lot of customers bring their own translators, others hire them on freelance markets. Other projects are small teams of developers, some are bigger teams. We want to accommodate the various needs of our users and so we changed up a few things. Gone are text and project limitations. In comes a new free account. We think this ushers in new opportunities for software localization. And with our upcoming purchase options for translation services right from within LingoHub, there's really nothing left to be desired in app translation.

What's new? Say "hi" to new pricing tiers Basic, Business, Plus and Enterprise. These include

  • full access to all features
  • unlimited translations
  • unlimited projects
  • full support and the full feature set
  • new free plan for small teams

Click to compare and select:

b12eca81-3d46-4a20-bbae-9696c3ae53ce Do I have to change my plan? No. Keep the one you have if you like it. Change them any time you need.


New: FREE plans! LingoHub will forever be free for

  • small teams with up to 3 collaborators
  • open source and educational projects
  • translators and team-members

Need translation? Affordable and convenient on-demand translation purchase options coming soon!


Why pick an annual plan? If you opt for an annual subscription, save another two months of LingoHub!


More languages, less hassle. Welcome to LingoHub. We hope you like it!

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