Multilingual Business

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Commerce is becoming more and more global every day, and so it becomes crucial for your business to be ready to shift into being multilingual. However, conducting multilingual business is about more than being about to complete a transaction in more than one language; it encompasses every aspect of engaging customers who differ in terms of geography and speech.

Where this becomes both the most elusive and the most necessary is in the aspect of cultural norms. Globalizing a business is about taking your ideas, culture, and products everywhere they can possibly go, but a spin on that is the need to assimilate to certain cultural ideas and practices.

Adapting to a country or region’s culture is as necessary as adapting to their laws, as it can make or break whether or not people abroad will want to do business with you, and more importantly, whether or not they’ll want to become a part of your organization.

As important as learning these cultural differences are on a case-by-case basis is, you can cut time and stress down by having a plan in place to make your company as multicultural and multilingual as it can be each time the opportunity for expansion arises. If you want more information on how to put such a plan together, take a look at the infographic below and start setting your company’s sights all over the globe.


Guest article by Mark Kirkpatrick. Infographic provided by