2014 internet trends report: Main takeaways for localization

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The analysts at Kleiner Perkins have published their latest report on internet trends 2014. Mary Meeker has compiled a set of really impressive and insightful numbers that guide business decision makers and strategists. Flipping through the slides, I wanted to pick out those I found most relevant to those considering international strategies for their products.

First of, we notice that while still most (but not all) of the top Internet properties originate from the US, almost 90% of their users are outside the US, and China is already Number 2. This should remind entrepreneurs that building a US- or English-centric product just will not do anymore to be globally successful.


Next up, also quite interesting, is mobile internet use. The number of internet users from China, especially mobile, dominate. Click here to read our country briefing on China in that regard, as well.


I really recommend reading through the entire compilation, it really helps understanding where current trends are going. Not that this means everybody has to jump on the bandwagon and do as everyone else does, but as a business leader you must understand the trends that underpin your market.

Here is the entire slideshow

Source: KPCB (pdf)