Cheat sheet: Twitter hashtags for translators

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If you’re on Twitter, like many translators, developers and other professionals in the translation and localization industry, you might sometimes catch yourself stumbling over a number of easy to mix-up hashtags used to channel the discussions, especially if you are new to the wild world of tweets. Here’s a cheat sheet of the important twitter hashtags for translation and localization:


#L10n – localization

#i18n – internationalization

#CAT – computer assisted translation

#MT – machine translation

#xl8 – translate

#t9n – translation

#1nt - interpretation

#g11n - globalization

#t9njobs - translation jobs

#t9y - terminology

also make sure you check out the general ones   




Especially interesting are temporary occasions, such as events (e.g. #NTIF2012 ) that you might want to keep an eye on. We have a blog post with upcoming events as wellFollow us on Twitter at @lingoIO and let us know if there’s any interesting additional hashtags we should know about! One way to dive deeper into hashtags is by using analytics sites such as for example. If you read through our interviews with translators, you will notice most of them are also very active on Twitter!

This article was first published at the Lingohub Blog

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