Diversification in the Language Industry book review

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Nicole Y. Adams, who we have interviewed before (link), published the book "Diversification in the Language Industry" a while ago, and I just got done reading it. Here are some thoughts of mine.

It takes the reader on a journey through the (freelance) translation industry. Nicole takes inventory of the state of the business, examines trends and problems. What makes the book so extraordinary then, are the countless contributions from all over the sector, illustrating the various options for professional diversification translators have. The book covers the options for specialization, organization, diversifying into related professions and ultimately closes the circle with examples of translators who have created completely new business models.

4eaac4 1404671fa0377dd2e09a5bc13ec6581fI liked the approach Nicole took when writing this book. It covers various angles in business strategies, and while she keeps the reasons for diversification on your radar, this is by no means a negative book. It is in fact a very encouraging, inspiring book I think every translator should read - plus those who want to understand current developments in the industry. Nicole writes "I strongly believe that the future for freelance translators is positive if you are open-minded and embrace change." and the contributors in her book make great examples for professionals who have understood the opportunities and seized them to be successful.

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