Translation is the most important job in the world

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You have the most important job in the world. There are thousands of languages all around the globe, over 190 different countries, each with their own rules, cultures and ways of doing things. Communication is everything. Today's world is dominated by all sorts of verbal and non-verbal communication. Never before in history has humankind produced so much text, and never before have we been able to access it so easily, across borders, at so little cost. Translation is the key to human understanding.

A translator is a facilitator, because translation facilitates communication between people. Everyone knows the effects of lack of communication, or even of misunderstanding. Translation thus sits at the very core of everything. Short of everyone becoming fluent in dozens of languages (an unrealistic prospect), the world relies on translation to bridge the language barriers. Translators thus bear enormous responsibility, not just in sociopolitical or economic terms. So if you have the most important job in the world, why is it that translation is not an immaculately successful industry? It is one of the least regulated, most diverse, industries, surveys often point to price dumping, digitization has led to massive increase in machine translation, and still there are so many languages not covered by translation. Many products are not even available in most languages. Why is that? Let's find out together, and see what can be done.... wants to make a small contribution to your professional life as a translator. The details of will only emerge later this year, we're only going to tickle your curiosity for now. First and foremost, this is a space for thoughts and research about languages and translation from all around the world. We are going to post interesting links, interviews, guest articles (feel free to send yours) and studies, trivia and fun facts, pictures and video. Let's have a global conversation about translation!

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