Results of the 2014 translation trends survey

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A few months ago, Lingohub (our sister undertaking) conducted a global survey among translators to gather insights into where the translation industry is headed for in 2014. The survey's results, in its views and thoughts of (mostly freelance) translators, lend some weight to existing trends, assumptions, fears and hopes. Among other things, Lingohub was interested in how translators viewed the developments in online translation, what role confidentiality plays on average, and how much price dumping is really prevalent (plus a whole lot of other questions). Even though it was not a statistically representative survey, the picture that emerges matches results of similar ones.

We would like to repeat a similar survey on this site later in the year, and we would like to especially ask questions that you always wanted to ask your fellow translators - who work in other industries, different countries, etc. So feel free to let us know any feedback you have and we can work on the next survey together.

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