How to localize your app store descriptions

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Localizing "just" your app is not enough to get it out to your target audience. The popular app stores out there (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, etc.) also let you enter descriptions for your app in a variety of languages. This makes it easier for them to be found and better signals multilingual availability to your potential buyer.

Step 1: Internationalize your app

In your development process, make sure all text elements are extracted into a language resource file. This file you can either upload to LingoHub for localization, or if you use Github, connect your repository.

Step 2: Include description content in resource file

Here's the trick we currently employ: even though the app store description is not part of your application code, include it in a resource file anyway. It doesn't have to be the primary resource file, but a resource file to be handled in the L10N process. What to include here? The description text, the keywords and maybe even the app title, basically all text elements required.

Step 3: Receive translated content

app store tonsofapps-300x205Now that all your texts are up in LingoHub, and translators or teammates are working on them, your description text will also be translated. Once you are 100% translated, export your resource file(s) or push them back to Github, and you are ready to deploy. Just one step missing...

Step 4: Enter multilingual descriptions in app store

This varies from store to store (in the Apple store there is an "add localization" button). Now that you have the description texts in several languages, go to the input form of your app store, where you already included the description in your primary language. Copy and paste your multilingual content there. There is no simple way to automate this, as it is a different procedure for each store.

Remember to repeat this process when you make changes. The reason we recommend leaving the description texts in your resource file is for your LingoHub collaborators (such as translators) to immediately be notified upon changes in the original text. Don't lose track of changes! With this method you ensure that your description is always up to date in all languages.

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