Localization with Lingohub Shield - An open source project's best friend

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Non-profit open source projects are hosted on LingoHub for free, and anyone can sign up and help out for free as well. We love open source software, and helping out making it more multilingual is our new year's gift to you all.

However, managing community translation is no easy task. Some motivation is innate, for example if localization of a product is the only way it could be used by a group of people in a certain place. Then this group might assist, both helping others and helping themselves. Sometimes sheer size matters, too. More often than not however, merely communicating an ongoing campaign for localization will go a long way.

That is why we have implemented LingoHub Shield, a simple indicator for your Github repository about ongoing translations in certain locales.

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Here is how LingoHub Shield works: On your Github repository description page, visitors will see a small "traffic light" type of indicator - the Shield - which is an automatically generated status information of the translation progress of certain locales of your app in LingoHub. A click on the Shield will send visitors directly to your project in LingoHub (the onboarding process will be implemented in a few days, we are making some final preparations) letting them help out immediately! Here is an example of how a project with low progress would look like on your description page:

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How to implement it:

In your project settings page (Administration>Settings), you will find the path to your automatically generated Shield along with the copy-paste-ready markdown to include in our repository description on Github. The implementation follows the logic based on Travis CI (read more).


Let us know if you have any questions. There will be another update to LingoHub shortly which will facilitate the invitation and onboarding process for community collaborators.

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