Interviews with translators from all over the world

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Our sister project launched a new series of interviews today consisting of conversations with translators from all over the world. The interview series wants to bring you closer to the professionals turning the world into a more multilingual place of mutual understanding. The questions go into work habits, experiences and industry views. They will be published over the next weeks and months at the new translation blog, along with links, reviews, surveys and other articles about translation. Don't miss out and subscribe, it also gets you in line to try out which should be ready for testing this summer (if you spread the word, you will be invited earlier).

selection 357-300x164The blog also welcomes guest articles, so if you have something to share about translation, feel free to send it in. The blog will cover aspects of freelance work and business aspects, as well as technical issues like CAT, and best practices for marketing and customer acquisition. Read what others in your industry are saying, engange in a debate. Here is an excerpt from the first interview:

Building your own business is a long term effort. You need to set goals for yourself, be ready to accept rejection and keep going. You learn from mistakes, everybody makes mistakes.

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