Here is your fashionable Identicon

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Chances are that if you're an active web user, you have had an avatar before, or a gravatar, or even an identicon. The same goes for LingoHub.

Wherever on the web you have a personal identity, a visual representation of your "virtual self" is how you appear to others. The most personal of such a representation is either a picture of yourself, or an avatar that symbolizes you. There are a number of alternatives which are commonly used as fall-back solutions, in the absence of a photo or avatar.

One such fall-back is the Gravatar system popular in blogs, the other are Identicons. Gravatars are globally recognized avatars, linked to a fixed email address. That means wherever you enter an email address that is tied to a Gravatar account, your gravatar will show unless you specified a picture or custom avatar on that website.

Identicons however are visualizations of your temporary identify absent of either of those previous options. They are automatically generated from a hash value, for example your currently used Email address, and thus are relatively personal but protect your privacy to a high degree - and they look nicely. They stay consistent, and only change if your Email changes, adding recognizability. All those are now also available in LingoHub from now on. Try it out!

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