More New Lingohub Product Documentation

· 2 min read

Three new documentation texts have been added for you last week, now part of our Lingohub Docs section.

First up is a description of how LingoChecks work for you as a developer. LingoChecks are our innovative context information technology that ensures greater quality and consistency across your application and assists translators in delivering text that fits your interface without problems. Click here to read it.

Next up is a quick overview of the various import strategies we offer for resource files.  There are three major ways of dealing with new versus existing texts in your project, and we offer you the choice of defining them to suit your development process. The most common strategy is pre-set and should meet most of your requirements.

Lastly, we have outlined our file import and detection functionality for you in more detail. The article documents how we detect various file types, locales and meta information. They should also help you with migration and troubleshooting resource file problems. Click here to read it.

Also, there are two new blog posts outlining the current state of our Github and Bitbucket integrations. Enjoy reading.

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