New localization tutorials for translators

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We have recently updated a few introductory localization tutorials for translators using LingoHub. Written in cooperation with some of our users, these should give you an introduction to some of the basic features for translators that LingoHub has to offer. They are now available on our documentation pages.

Let us know how helpful these localization tutorials are, and which topics you would like to see covered next. We are continuously extending our documentation of LingoHub, to make your start into the localization world on our platform as swift as possible. We are looking forward to your feedback.

You may be asking "what is next?", but fear not. We are working around the clock for some exciting new features. Now that we have hundreds of translators registered with LingoProfiles set up, work is well underway making some improvements to the localization management functionality of LingoHub. We are now working on increasing the number of customers, while we prepare the missing pieces for turning LingoHub into a marketplace where you, as translators and/or reviewers, can be hired directly for localization projects managed via LingoHub. Here is a survey you can fill out to help us match the product with your expectations.