New Localization Support Center and Workflow Rules

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Welcome to a short update on two very cool new updates on LingoHub. The first one is our new localization Support Center, and the second consists of some improvements to our translation workflow. Read on for more details...

New LingoHub Localization Support Center

We have spent some time over the last few weeks integrating a support system directly into your LingoHub environment. Getting in touch with us should be very simple and quick, and we have achieved this by putting our new localization Support Center directly into your LingoHub account. It will let you create a new case for us, with an optional image (such as a screenshot of a problem you encounter), and submit it. You can then track the progress of the case at any time and see what its current status is. Within each case, you will see your interaction with our team like a conversation, and once we were able to help you, feel free to report that the issue is fixed and then rate how satisfied you are with our service. Just try it out, it is really simple and should be a huge help for you to get started with LingoHub.

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One way to access it, is next to your username, click the little question mark to enter our Support Center. Please let us know how you like the experience, we will of course improve it over time, together with your feedback.

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Translation Workflow Fine-Tuned

Another feature we have implemented now is a fine-tuning of our translation workflow. On each LingoHub localization project you can add an unlimited number of collaborators, depending on your team, the amount of languages, and the size of it. On the translation side, there are two options: a translator can be in charge of the first step of translation, or he/she can also have reviewer permission and be in charge with the final revision. The system is now configured to adhere more closely to a stricter QA workflow, this means that if a translator does not have reviewer permissions, it will no longer be possible for him or her to change a translation, once it has been set to "reviewed" by a reviewer. Click here for a tutorial on the workflow.

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Thanks for reading, let us know if you have questions. If they are technical, you can (as a user) of course also submit them directly via the support system.

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