Feature roundup: summer UI refresh

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These are some of the new LingoHub features we rolled out this week.

New User Interface on LingoHub.com

Frequent visitors to our website will notice that we have streamlined the look and feel of LingoHub some more, making its content easier to view and the interface elements more logical. A set of larger changes will occur soon, yet for now we are happy about faster loading times, better readability, consistent styles and formatting as well as improved standards compliance. Have a look around LingoHub, it will feel easier on the eyes and snappier to use.

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LingoProfiles now include microformated data

Our LingoProfiles that we launched last month are currently receiving yet more fine-tuning, before we move on to build more features around them for their LingoHub integration. One of our goals is very good search engine optimization (SEO), so we have enriched these profiles with microformats to provide structured data to search engines and social platforms. This includes Schema.org markup for Google and better semantic differentiation in the details you provide, such as geographic data.


New account deactivation feature

You can now easily deactivate/cancel your LingoHub account right from your user account settings page. You will find a button for it at the end of your basis settings. Should you be in a paid plan at the time of deactivation you will only be billed for costs already incurred. This can be a useful feature if you go on a longer vacation, a sabbatical, or some other reason that will require you to temporarily cancel your activities with LingoHub. The good part: no data is lost because of the deactivation!

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Internationalization programming framework of the Month

Each month we will highlight methods for internationalization and localization based on various programming languages. The tutorials will explain the various options you have to internationalize and later localize your web or mobile apps using the programming framework of your choice, highlight advantages and disadvantages and provide you with some best practice examples. We will cover a lot of ground on how i18n affects programming. Our first take is on PHP.

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