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With the pending launch of LingoIO, this article is now redundant, as LingoHub no longer offers LingoProfiles. They will become available again on LingoIO

This has been one of the busiest times at LingoHub, as we’ve been preparing a major release upgrade to our product - our translators directory with listings of your free LingoProfiles. For a few weeks now we have been semi-secretly inviting translators from all over the world to test our new LingoProfiles, gathering feedback and further improving the experience. We have also smoothed our sign-up process, added helpful assistive features to our interface, fine-tuned a lot of notification functionality and added a number of other tiny features that gets us closer to offering the smoothest collaboration environment you’ve used yet. The other main step is a public search and listing for the above mentioned LingoProfiles. We want to thank all the testers during this phase, your feedback was most valuable in getting this fine-tuned in such short time, this blogpost outlines the new features.

Here are the changes in more detail:

Free LingoProfiles

The heart and soul of your entry into the localization world as a translator. Sign up for free to build your own public profile, which allows you to showcase your work, skills, project history and interests. It looks fantastic and will appear in our directory. We’ve also published a 10 Tips tutorial on how to get the most out of it.

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Translators Directory - Search and Free Listing

Our directory is where it all comes together. All translators with a LingoProfile are listed here and can be found by language, expertise or geographic criteria. The more complete and fine-tuned your profile, the better the chances at getting found and chosen here. This is where customers look for translators of their websites, software or mobile apps.

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New Sign-up Process and Wizard

LingoHub is for both developers as well as translators. This has made early registrations a bit complicated as all users see all features. We have now smoothed this out and upon signup you can chose which functionalities of LingoHub you want to use. Our wizard then guides you through the next steps. Note that on LingoHub, you can always fulfill all functions on a project, the decision is up to a project owner (i.e. a product developer can also translate, and a translator could be assigned to “reviewer”, etc..)

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Other improvements to our Localization Platform

As outlined in an earlier blogpost, we’ve also updated a number of other things, some under the hood, some in terms of performance, and some improvements to our user interface. We continue to roll out smaller changes constantly, many implemented due to your feedback, so don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts.

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