Using avatar pictures to personalize your LingoProfile

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With the pending launch of LingoIO, this article is now redundant, as LingoHub no longer offers LingoProfiles.


This article explains why it is important to enhance communication on your web channels by personalizing your online presence (in our case the LingoProfile - your free translator profile). It is a step by step guide to creating an avatar (or profile picture) for personalizing your LingoProfile.

It is the common wonder of all men, how among so many millions of faces there should be none alike.

Thomas BrowneReligio Medici (1642), Part II, Section II.

LingoHub is a people-powered on-demand software localization service. In other words, people, not machines, are at the center of every step of the process and people are individuals. The means to show that diversity online are often not fully used, which results in a sea of faceless users that you can hardly tell apart. In these cases, anonymity does not foster trust. So let's see how we can put your friendly face on top of your online translator profile...

Your profile picture (avatar) on the translator profile pages

Your avatar is your online face, and the appearance you use to present yourself to business partners and friends. With it your profile will appear more real, more tangible, more human. A good profile picture will help people relate to you as a fellow human being, to take notice of you and to remember you.

An avatar can be a simple picture of your face, an illustration or something you identify with. Since LingoProfiles are for business communication, you should have your own photograph next to your real name, ideally not a passport picture, but something nice that represents you well professionally.

Uploading a profile picture (avatar) for your translator profile

We have made the process of uploading a profile picture to a LingoProfile quick and simple.

Additionally, we also support Gravatar. This means that if you have a Gravatar account and a profile picture associated with the email address that you used to sign up for your LingoProfile, we will automatically use that picture - you can still upload a new one.

Step 1: Uploading a profile picture while building a LingoProfile

building public profile

When building a new LingoProfile, along with entering information like name, location, expertise... you can also set your profile picture. If you have a Gravatar account associated with the email address you registered to LingoHub with, the profile picture set at Gravatar will be chosen by default. Otherwise, the LingoHub logo will be default. If you do not want to keep the default picture, you can either choose from a selection of pictures we offer, or upload your own. The image will be uploaded in the background, without forcing you to reload the page and interrupting the process of building the profile.

Step 2: Selecting a profile picture

select avatar to upload

If you chose to select a new profile picture in the step one, you will be presented with a file upload dialogue which you can use to navigate your file system in search for the picture to be uploaded. This dialogue will look a bit different on various platforms. I used Ubuntu to create this screen shot. On a Mac or Windows computer this will look slightly different. Pick the picture on your harddrive that you want to use, and then select it for upload.

 Step 3: Editing or changing the profile picture

editing the profile

If you did not choose a profile picture while building a profile, or if you decide to change your existing picture, you can do it any time from the Edit profile page. You can access the Edit profile page by scrolling over your name in the upper right corner, and selecting the proper item.

 Step 4: Cropping, dropping or selecting

change profile picture

After you click the change link at the bottom of the existing profile picture at the Edit Profile page, you will be presented with several options:

  • you can drop (delete) or
  • crop any existing picture you have
  • or you can select (upload) a new one.

If you choose to crop the picture, the preview of the result is being shown in the bottom right corner in real time You can repeat these actions until you have a perfect profile picture.

That's it. Please note that for the best experience, do not use very large resolution files directly from a digital camera. Pictures saved there are in a quality setting fit for offline printing but are of a file size way too large for most internet connections.

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