Our contribution to the global translators community

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selection 063-300x153We were asking ourselves what would be our contribution to the global translators community. Aside from building a great product tailored to the needs of translators and developed in close cooperation with many testers from around the world, we want to establish more than just a platform. We know that translation is more than just a job, it is a profession. We share your passion for language, culture and nuance and want to jointly build a global community of experts working on turning the digital world into a multilingual sphere that knows no cultural boundaries.

With the pending launch of LingoIO, this article is now redundant, as LingoHub no longer offers LingoProfiles.

To achieve that, we have begun reaching out to many translators around the world, invited them to build a free LingoProfile (have you built yours yet? Join hundreds of others from all around the world!) and remained in close contact with all of them to help improve the way they present themselves on the web. If you are a translator, you know how important it is nowadays to be actively engaged within a professional network, to build lasting relationships, and share knowledge with your peers.

 UPDATE: We have started a separate Twitter channel (@LingoIO) recently to help out and join the debate on translator-specific topics. We invite you to follow us and get in touch with is there, too. We welcome your thoughts on the translation industry, what it needs, where it is headed and what you think should come next. Be part of a truly global translators community!

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