New Lingohub features released in May

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We’ve been busy tweaking a few things on LingoHub that will make it easier for project owners to handle their work. This article should outline the new LingoHub features released for all users today. The main new features are mass actions, better search and optimized language selection. Aside from that, we have tuned for performance and fixed a number of bugs. Stay tuned for another big update next week.

Mass actions for quick access in LingoHub localization projects

You can now perform actions on multiple translation phrases at once. In fact, we went a step further and let you perform a variety of actions not just for the phrases you currently see on screen (e.g. the current page of a search result) but for all the phrases that fit your current selection or search criteria.

The screenshot below shows a selection option for phrases in your current results page. Note that “all” also gives you the number of phrases selected upon picking that action.

s select-300x185

Quick and Advanced Search now available in LingoHub

We have upgraded our search tools to give you the option of performing more complicated search requests across your project. Since we know you like to work fast and find things even faster, our quick search has received some major tweaks as well. It now supports searching for words or phrases, allows for exclusions, and can filter by certain types of LingoChecks. You can narrow it down by date changed, case sensitivity and more (see screenshot).

s advancedearch-300x219

The example below illustrates searching for strings that have passed LingoChecks validation, but we have narrowed it down a bit, see the first field (only pending status, no phrases that include the word developer, etc.). As you can see, this makes it super easy to do specific searches in your translation projects, not only to find things to go back to, but also in quality control to pick out certain aspects, or double check items that are of crucial importance. Sometimes, assignments change and new information you have will prompt a revisiting of some previous phrases.


LingoHub Chrome App completes this month's new LingoHub features

As some of our users are so-called “browser Ninjas”, we decided to provide a bookmark app for Chrome browsers for easy access to LingoHub at all times. Access the App under this link or just search for it in the App Store.

selection 039-300x236

As always, the new LingoHub features also bring with them a series of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback recently, we value your input and are glad to be developing this great tool together with you. Look for a bigger announcement next week, when we take LingoHub to the next level!

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