We are growing our team to bolster Lingohub's software localization magic

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While building a magical platform solution for software localization (and rolling out some new parts of our website), we have also added to our team in Novi Sad, Serbia. Strengthening our development team and adding a market research intern will take LingoHub to the next level. You will love what’s coming in the next few weeks! Say hello to three new LingoHubbers:

Development Team

Nemanja Crnomut nemanja

Nemanja (LinkedIn) graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Before joining lingohub, he was mainly a .NET developer - yet at the moment he is falling in love with Rails. He likes traveling, swimming and hanging out with friends. He has two dogs and now lives in Belgrade with his girlfriend.


Danijel Bjelajac

danijelDanijel (LinkedIn) has a background in network security, software integration, as well as SOA and worked on a number of software projects, for example in Java, JSP, JQuery and XML. He has also worked on video platforms and in sensor integration. His previous companies include EventGnosis, SeeYouLink, tv1.com, and azonde.com In his free time he likes attending rock or jazz concerts and trips to the Adriatic see. His current professional goal is to build software that enables people to achieve higher quality performance in their professional and personal lives.


Marketing Team Jovana Tomovic

jovanaJovana (LinkedIn) studied marketing at University of Novi Sad, and previously worked in CRM at Vip mobile and BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) where she is part of the supervisory board’s team. Jovana is currently pursuing a double degree at Skoda University in the Czech Republic, from where she is currently working from. Her studies program has also led her to Austria where she is enrolled in Global Sales and Marketing Master program at University of Applied Sciences. Jovana’s goal for the next five years is to speak German and Spanish, before she goes on to pursue a PhD. She loves psychology, yoga and movies, her guiding quote is:

"If you never venture outside the box, you will probably not be creative. But if you never get inside the box, you will certainly be stupid." (Christopher Peterson, psychologist)
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