February Feature Release Round-Up for Software Localization

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February was a very busy month at LingoHub. We rolled out many new features you requested and optimized a range of functionality that make your life better in software localization. Some of the bigger changes we have outlined in previous blog posts, here’s an overview. logo170

LingoChecks More quality control and consistency in your localization projects! LingoChecks provides helpful contextual information to translators (e.g. text length) and lets you define phrases that should remain intact across all locales (e.g. your company name or slogan). Read more in our separate blog post.

Export Settings LingoHub offers flexible import and export functionality with character encoding detection built in! For exporting, we offer core encodings to chose from, read more in our blog post.

CLI Client Your development process requires more than Github integration and API access? We’ve got you covered. Our separate blog post explains how to use LingoHub’s CLI client for full control over your localization workflow. That’s efficiency squared, we’re looking forward to your thoughts on how it helped you! Read the full tutorial in our separate blog post.

Performance improvements We have sped up our resource file import and processing manifold, try it!

If all this sounds developer-centric, you’re right. Working together with early customers, we’re improving the experience for software or mobile app developers continuously. LingoHub however aims to bridge the gap between the freelance translation world, and the software development world. Watch out for some really exciting new features and concepts for translators to be launched in the next few weeks. If you’re a developer or translator, we’d love to hear your ideas on the industry, your work processes or general thoughts on localization. We’ve got an ear for industry professionals who want to share their experiences.

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