Lingohub launches paid subscription models

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At lingohub, we understand the requirements for software localization projects. Depending on the size of the software, mobile app or website, the size of the company and the desired target markets, such a project can take just a few days, several weeks or even years. Hence, for a product manager it is most important to have access to a solution that scales if required, and fits the requirements (and the budget).

Starting today, we are offering lingohub subscription plans in four fantastic flavors. If you’re running a small project, our “Mini” plan is just the right option for you. Maybe you’re pushing out an innovative new mobile app? If you need more collaborators and translation volume, our three-project “Basic” plan will give you the tools you need to take your product global. Our “Business” plan for larger endeavors offers the best value for agile projects and has lots of wiggle room for text-heavy applications or bigger websites. Are you about to change the world? Look no further, with our “Plus” we’ve got you covered. There’s an Enterprise plan as well, talk to us if you need something with more firepower. Click here to have a look and compare plans.

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lingohub offers the entire feature range no matter which plan you chose. We won’t make you upgrade to get a necessary tool for your project. If you scale up, we’ll scale with you, and you can downgrade at any time within a month, to accommodate your project volume. Our plans vary in project number, number of collaborators and character storage space. Before you ask, there’s always a risk-free full-feature 30-day trial, sign up for it now to Be Global, Go Local!

The launch of our subscription plans entails our payment module. In this phase we’ll accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard payment options. If you have any questions on our subscription plans, pricing and payment, feel free to contact us and we’ll go through your requirements. We are certain to have come up with a suitably modular system, but if you are unique and revolutionary and want to change the world - just like us - and should require something we have not thought of, talk to us. We’re happy to offer you the solution that fits, no matter if you’re a one-person change-maker or a transnational corporation. Together we can localize the internet!

For our existing users with beta-accounts, we have a special offer for you: Enjoy our free trial subscription until January 31st - the offer works for both developers / product owners and translators to get you started with lingohub. Aside from the above monthly subscriptions, keep in mind that translator accounts on lingohub are, and always will be, free.

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