Cheat sheet: Twitter Hashtags for Localization

· 1 min read

If you're on Twitter, like many translators, developers and other professionals in the localization industry, you might sometimes catch yourself stumbling over a number of easy to mix-up hashtags used to channel the discussions. Here's a cheat sheet of the important twitter hashtags for translation and localization:

#L10n - localization #i18n - internationalization #CAT - computer assisted translation #MT - machine translation #xl8 - translate #t9n - translation also make sure you check out   #localization  #translation   #language

Especially interesting are temporary occasions, such as events (e.g. #NTIF2012 ) that you might want to keep an eye on. Follow us on Twitter at @lingohub and let us know if there's any interesting additional hashtags we should know about!

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