September/October roundup: Editor tweaks, custom avatar upload, UI tweaks

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This is our first of many feature roundups to highlight changes and improvements included in the recent release. It has been an exciting time since we went public with the application. We received a lot of feedback, both praise and criticism. Thank you for caring about lingohub and helping us improve it.

Aside from bug fixes, we released the following updates:

Editor tweaks

Showing the current position and total search results

One of the most requested features was to see the current position in the translations list in the editor view. Especially translators need to know how much work has already been done and how much is left to do.

editor position-300x73

search results-300x133

Shortcut improvements

We added and changed some of the shortcuts for the editor view. Based on your feedback, we streamlined the workflow of editing, saving and navigating through the translations.

editor shortcuts-300x217

Avatar uplaod

The avatar upload is one of the first features towards a more complete profile. The new upload uses HTML5 and some cool CSS3 effects. Just drag 'n' drop a picture of yourself and show the world how good looking you are.

avatar upload-300x142

UI tweaks

The UI tweaks focused on responsive design and support of mobile devices. We want lingohub to look awesome on all kinds of devices and screen resolutions.

What's next?

  • The Beta phase will end this month: We will announce our subscription plans soon. This means we will also release our new billing system.
  • Machine Translation: There is rudimentary support now in the editor view for machine translation. However, there are some hiccups with placeholders and the one-button-does-it-all is yet missing.
  • Translator profiles: we want to help translators to show off their skills - and more.
  • Better support for searching and managing translations.