Rest API

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Lingohub API ready for BaRuCo

We know the importance of an API. That is why we designed lingohub from the beginning with a REST interface in mind. The only thing that was missing (until now), was the documentation.

Rest API

Today, timely for the BaRuCo, we released our Developer Center You will find documentation about REST endpoints, restriction, authentication, and everything else you need to integrate with lingohub. The Version 1 focuses mostly on the vital ressources of lingohub: projects, collaborators, translations and phrases. We are thinking about adding some convenience endpoints, but we wanted your feedback first. Contact us and let us know your suggestions, critic, and praises.

Lastly, greetings to our friends at BaRuCo. Shame not all lingohuber made it, but I am sure Markus will represent lingohub pretty well at the Github Drink Up.