Lingohub enters tech2b incubator

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We are proud to announce that we made it into the tech2b incubator. You maybe asking yourself now what tech2b actually is? Their introduction (from the tech2b website):

 As Upper Austrian innovation and partnership network for research-based and technology-orientated business concepts and business foundations, we help people to realise their ideas.

What does this mean for lingohub? We have a shiny new office in the techcenter with a beautiful view at the Danube (I promise some photos in the future). On our way to be accepted to the program, we met a lot of interesting people who will work with us making lingohub a great service. And last but not least, we got another motivation/energy push (like we needed one ;)) and we plan to go in public beta soon.

If you are interested in what we are doing or you just want a good coffee (yes, that's a valid reason), stop by whenever you like.

PS: Thanks to all our supporters, friends, helpers, and mentors. Exciting times!

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