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With the latest release this week, we introduced Autotranslate in linguist. Autotranslate allows the translator to quickly do an initial translation of any kind of text. With this help, it's easy to look up words or even whole phrases. Some of you probably think, "this is great, now I don't even need a translator for my app." While it's true that in most cases the Autotranslate feature returns an accurate translation, you also need to consider some other vital aspects of a translation:

  • Context of the text Texts can have very different purposes, e.g., giving feedback for an error message, persuading a user to sign up, or simply entertaining the user.
  • Context of the application's space Writing text for enterprise business software or for a social media platform are very different. Wording and sound matter very much to the target audience.
  • Accuracy and completeness Languages are a living thing. They constantly change and new words are created. Nobody knew a couple of years ago what a "tweet" is. Of course Autotranslate is maintained and updated as well as possible. However, there are limits like regional accents, dialects, and ambiguity.

Autotranslate is great for initial translation and as reference. Translators are great for adding the "human" touch to texts. Together they are a perfect combination for a productive translation environment. We hope you enjoy this new feature.


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