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Helmut Juskewycz (CEO) and Markus Merzinger founded the company in 2012, based in Linz, Austria. LingoHub uses sophisticated cloud and integration technology with integrated payment and interfaces to develop applications for digital product translation. These flexible solutions correlate supply and demand by cutting translation management overheads. Created for simplicity, scalability and adaptable to the development side of the localization business and enhanced by the addition in 2014 by the development of an online office for translators, LingoIO, Lingohub is heading towards a human-powered translation interface.



In order to create a multilingual digital world with no language barriers that is both simple and affordable so that communication can reach everyone in their native language we need universally available human translation for all digital content. It is our vision to accomplish this using cloud-based translation solutions and interfaces. Liberating and empowering translators by supporting them with seamless integration services will reduce the costs of multilingualism and make costly translation a thing of the past.