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LingoHub’s powerful in-app translation tools and seamless integrations make software localization a hassle-free process.

  • No Troubles with dynamic Content

    Tired of bugs in your translation? Placeholders for variable content are detected by LingoHub and included upon import. Using LingoChecks guidelines for placeholders can be defined guaranteeing that they are not changed or removed.

  • We don't mess with your Files

    You put a lot of effort in structuring your files. LingoHub respects that. Download the files as you uploaded them – same ordering, same comments.

  • Translation without Excel Sheets

    Excel sheets are no longer part of translations. LingoHub integrates smoothly into your development process resuming the translation process. You only need to upload resource files and texts will be imported automatically so translators can start translation immediately.

  • LingoHub works everywhere

    LingoHub works device and operating system independent as no installation is required. Conveniently use our browser-based platform online and enjoy product updates regularly released by our development team.

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Global champions trust in LingoHub’s award winning translation service hub.


Software Localization

Software Localization in just 3 Steps

Software Localization - Step 1


Upload your texts easily via Web, REST API or GitHub/Bitbucket integration. That’s it.

Software Localization - Step 2


Manage or purchase translations and decrease average translation time. LingoHub’s features boost productivity.

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Software Localization - Step 3


By just one click your translated files can be downloaded, ready to be deployed.

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