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Ever wondered how to better localize your software while increasing translation quality? Make the switch to LingoHub - the only software localization tool you need.

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Save time while managing your localization

The software localization platform from LingoHub allows you to store, manage, and translate your content all in one place. Our intelligent system detects all text changes made in the project, makes sure translation is up to your personalized Quality Checks.

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All the localization tools your developers need

LingoHub is the software localization platform created by developers for developers. LingoHub integrates with your tools and fits seamlessly in your development pipeline.

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It's just better.

Better translations for everyone.

There are many reasons why teams create better translations when using LingoHub. First, our system automatically checks your translations in real-time. Plus: LingoHub learns from each word you tranlsate across all your projects.

What makes LingoHub unique

Continuous translations

Software localization is an ongoing effort. Integrate your translation workflow in your development pipeline


LingoHub is made by and for developers. It includes all the localization tools developers need.

Open for all software

LingoHub is tailored for your personal needs. It supports all major technologies and platforms.

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