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Localization and development in synergy


LingoHub’s translation workflow is designed to integrate smoothly into your product development process.

All text changes in files are automatically detected and existing translation is marked for review.

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Machine translations

Translation engines you trust

LingoHub uses DeepL, Amazon Translate, and Google Translate to provide a reliable and extensive starting point for your translation.

Machine Translation significantly accelerates the translation process for fast release cycles. With LingoHub you can count on the full plurarization support for all featured languages.

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LingoHub’s quality checks

LingoHub allows you to set up your own quality check parameters.
With LingoChecks, LingoHub’s QA system, your translations are automatically checked according to your own criteria and instant and reliable error reports are produced in real time.

Leverage your translations

Self-learning translation memory

Our Translation Memory system learns from each word you translate across all your projects. This data is automatically added to your personal Translation Memory and next time you are working on a new project all your previous translations are at your fingertips.

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Build you own dictionary

Personalized term base

Your personalized Term Base is your translation team’s new favorite sidekick.

This tool allows you to share key terms, standardized translation and definitions with your whole team. Use it to ensure text consistency and accuracy across different projects.

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Streamline your workflow

LingoHub provides you with powerful and flexible tools to manage all your translation projects in one place.
Track your translation orders and enjoy a comprehensive overview of all your projects via LingoHub’s Dashboard.

Speed or quality? Both.

Accelerate productivity with our Editor

LingoHub’s Online Editor brings all project essentials in one place. Edit, translate, sort and search text segments throughout projects.

See the full history of text changes and use LingoHub Statuses to easily track the translation progress. You can also check out text segments in all target languages in our Side Panel and edit easily.

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Team management

Awesome tools for awesome teams

LingoHub’s Members section helps you handpick and invite your team members, assign team roles, and manage their permissions without a hassle.

You can also chat with your teammates and leave additional comments, context and screenshots for translators. To track the overall workload, check out the member's activity reports for specific time periods.

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Import & export made simple

Intelligent upload system

Upload your files by a simple drag ’n’ drop and define import and export settings for your projects.

LingoHub takes care of all the technical details.

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40+ translation languages

Connect with translators for 40+ languages

Your team doesn’t include translators?

No worries! LingoHub can provide you with the service of professional translators for more than 40 languages at affordable prices.

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Our API (Application Programmable Interface) empowers you to define your own workflow, integrate LingoHub in your development process and establish continuous translations.

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