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LingoHub Statuses for you and your team

With the help of Statuses, you and your translation team can set up an organized workflow. Statuses help you streamline all phases of your translation process and keep everyone on the update updated. It's the perfect tool for product managers and development leads to understand the status of your translation project.

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Translation Statuses

  • Types of Statuses

    The source languages only has two available statuses, while four statuses can be defined for the target languages.

  • Dashboard View

    At the project dashboard level, Statuses give you an idea of the progress of the project.

  • Editor View

    Within the Translation Editor, Statuses give translators and idea on what needs to be done.

  • Translation Memory

    Define the statuses of your text segments you want your Translation Memory to learn from.

  • Prefill Status

    Choose the statuses you want to set your text segments to, after they have been translated with the Prefill feature.

  • Translation Orders

    Choose the text segments you want to send for translation based on their statuses.

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