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Packages - Creating snapshots of your translations

Packages allow you to create a snapshot of your current software translations.

Managing multiple versions of your apps with different release cycles can become quite tricky pretty soon. Especially when working on mobile apps, version updates and releases become a lengthy process. With Packages, you can manage your app versions and releases more productively.


Backup your translations

LingoHub Packages are also a great way to backup your translation project. By automatically generating new releases, you ensure daily or weekly snapshots of your translations.

This way, you don’t need to manually sync or backup your translations. LingoHub Packages do the job for you.

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Packages Features

  • Packages for Versioning

    LingoHub Packages give you a simple, yet an extensive option to manage your app version at different stages.

  • Packages for Backups

    LingoHub Packages are a great way to backup your translation project. Fully automatic or manually.

  • Mobile OTA Updates

    Setting a particular release as active will immediately deliver the release to your mobile clients (Over The Air updates!).

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