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Continuous translations

Continuous translation management for you

LingoHub’s translation workflow is designed to integrate smoothly into your product development process.

All text changes in files are automatically detected and existing translation is marked for review.

Android & iOS apps

Localize your Android & iOS apps for the world

Manage your app localization with LingoHub.

LingoHub supports frequent updates and stores all your translations in one place.

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Translation Tools

Translation Tools For Editors & Translators

LingoHub gives you all the tools to ensure high-quality translations that are always up-to-date.

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Localization features

  • Project Dashboard

    Manage your localizations and translations from the LingoHub dashboard.

  • Translation Editor

    The LingoHub translation editor is your simple interface to translate anything.

  • Repository integrations

    Sync your translation projects with the most common repositories - GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure.

  • Mobile SDK with OTA

    Publish translations to iOS & Android Apps instantly.

  • Translation Memory

    Our TM automatically memorizes your translations. Ensure consistency across your team & projects.

  • Machine Translation

    Save time with automatic suggestions from our MT engines - DeepL, Amazon Translate, and Google Translate.

  • LingoChecks

    Ensure high-quality translations with defined rules and criteria. Get alerted when these are not met.

  • Term Base / Glossary

    Stay in control of your brand by storing key terms in our Term Base.

  • Translation History

    View and restore previous translations if needed. Never loose a translation with LingoHub.

  • Order 40+ translations

    Don’t have a team of translators? LingoHub gives you access to professional translators for 40+ languages.

  • Packages

    Create a snapshot of your translations to manage versioning and backups of your app translations

  • Public REST API

    Our API empowers you to define your own workflow, and integrate LingoHub in your development process.

  • Workflow & Statuses

    LingoHub supports your workflow and gives you clear status progress.

  • Activity Reports

    Always stay informed about your project’s progress and your team members’ activities.

  • Pluralization

    LingoHub supports pluralization for every language.

  • Convert between iOS/Android

    LingoHub streamlines multi mobile app development. Translate once, export for iOS and Android.

  • Style Guides

    Establish a set of standards among your translation team and promote the consistency within your projects.

  • Prefill

    Speed up your translations by automatically prefilling empty text from your TM or MT.

  • Communication Hub / Discussions

    Chat and share information with your team, directly inside LingoHub.

  • User Managements & Roles

    Manage your team by assigning dedicated roles and access rights to each team member according to projects and languages.

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