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Communication Hub

Communicate, discuss, comment and share with your team

Conversations allow you and your team members to freely communicate and share valuable information without needing to leave the platform. You can create a conversation for a specific topic: discussing a translation, asking for help, or just giving instructions then close it once you are done.

Conversations are shared within the whole organization, meaning all your team members are notified whenever a new conversation is created or a new message has been added to an existing one.

conversations and communication hub

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Conversation Features

  • Communication Hub

    In the Communication Hub you can find all open and closed conversations of your entire organization.

  • Access Conversations

    You can easily access your conversation through the navigation bar or the side panel.

  • Reference Text Segments

    Start a new conversation and automatically reference the selected text segment for better context.

  • Search & Filter

    Filter and search by project, collaborators (team members), or text segment ID.

  • Mentioned Translations, Users & Projects

    You can mention and reference a translation, project, or user in your conversations.

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